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The WS1 can measure temperature, humidity, ambient light and vibration with its internal sensors. It is also compatible with the DS18B20 external probe for additional measurements in special environments. All internal and external readings can be viewed in the app at the same time.


It allows you to monitor your environment in real time and gives you remote access to your data through the application and web console. Therefore, wherever you are in the world, you can view the data in graphs from your Android / iOS phone, tablet or computer.


The cloud-based IoT platform offers advanced data management and analytics. Using the app, you can manage all your devices in one Ubibot account. Set alerts for sensor readings and offline status, the device will notify you via in-app notifications, email, and IFTTT notifications.


There is no subscription fee. All devices come with a free plan that contains 200MB of online storage and 1GB of outbound traffic. Free storage is sufficient for use of up to 2 years. The platform supports free data export and PDF report. Once your storage is exhausted, you can delete the data and reuse it.


The device also has a large internal memory that can store 300,000 records, which means that once the network is disconnected, your data will not be lost.


You can set the data sync interval. This allows you to balance battery life with data capture frequency. With the 15 minute data sync interval, the device has a battery life of up to 4 to 6 months with 2 AA alkaline batteries.


Also available is  RESTful API, offering professional users the opportunity to develop their own monitoring solutions. If you need to implement a local API with our devices, we can also provide both hardware and software support.

Copy of Ubibot WS1 WiFi Temperature and Humidity Sensor

  • Temperature Sensor: -20 to 60 ℃, Humidity Sensor: 10 to 90%, Ambient Light Sensor: 0 to 83klux

    Optimal operating conditions: -20ºC to 60ºC (-4ºF to 140ºF) RH: 10% to 90% (non-condensing)

    * Sensor accuracy can be affected by extreme environmental conditions. We recommend that you avoid using it outside of the optimal operating conditions listed above. For use in extreme conditions, you can connect an external temperature probe to help with monitoring. The probe is also available in our store.

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